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Newborn Photography Paris, TX

Welcome to Asher Creek Photography! We offer newborn photography to all of Northeast Texas including Paris, Sherman, Cooper, Honey Grove, Greenville, and the Sulphur Springs area.  I have been a newborn photographer for going on nine years now and love every minute of it.  Our team focuses on natural poses that capture the baby in their natural form as they were in the womb.  I do not distract from the grace of this beauty with a ton of props or vibrant colors.  If you know my outdoor work well, you will see that my studio work is of great contrast.  I offer rich deep tones with shadows that highlight their oh so perfect features that are unique to only them.

The essence of a woman when she has a new life to take care of, is to fully engulf herself with all the tiny details that no one else on earth will hold dear to their hearts.  We try to soak in each small part and memorize it completely. It is the tiny hairs on the ears, the way the baby tucks in their bottom lip before a cry, and the sweet smell that illuminates every unique detail that is her baby alone.  It’s my job to capture it purely, so that when our years have grown, we will look back and have those details brought back to life.  I can look at my newborn daughter’s images and still smell her hair to this day.

While we are capturing all the unique details that make your baby your own, you are welcomed into our cozy studio and given the opportunity to both participate and rest. We know the stress that comes with being a new mom (and dad) and we are here to melt all those worries away, even if just for a short period of time.  We are so excited to capture these portraits for you.  We also offer maternity portraits and would love to discuss it with you prior to baby arriving.

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Newborn Photography in Paris, TX
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Newborn Photos Paris Texas

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