{Monir+Joseph} Wedding

I HAD SO MUCH FUN at this wedding!  You may be able to guess that by some of the photos;)  Joseph and Monir were so easy going and it was a priveledge to “shoot” their wedding a few weeks ago.  The wedding was held at St. Louis Catholic Church in Waco, TX and the reception was at Cameron Park Zoo.  I was SO excited when we originally spoke back in early fall 2011 about the reception and could not imagine how cool it would be having an entire zoo to shoot the after photos in.  Well, guess what.  It’s March in Texas.  Could be snowing, storming, dry as a desert, or as it was on this day…raining.  Monir was still so upbeat about it all because she was marrying her very best friend (and it showed).

Monir and Joseph told me I had a few hours before cocktail hour to have the limo driver drive us around wherever I chose to take photos of the bridal party…have I mentioned I LOVE her by this point? lol;)  That’s a photogs dream!  I had tons of locations picked out, well, until it rained that is.  So, we went to the Dr. Pepper Museum and a little place downtown called SPICE.  It was great although I did almost get us kicked out of the Dr. Pepper Museum.  OOOPPSSIIEE!!  You may see why in a few photos;)

The reception was moved inside one of the aquariums at Cameron Park Zoo and I could not believe how magical it all was!  Amanda, you did a wonderful job transforming it into a dream.  Jospeh and Monir, it was a wedding I will not soon forget and I wish you so many years of happiness together!  Oh!  And Joseph is a twin!  I have had three twin weddings in the past four months.  It’s standard protocol now to ask if there is a twin involved so that I do not “shoot” the wrong twin!

Ashley’s Bridals 4.2.12

I have been waiting so long to finally share these images with everyone!  I promised myself I would not release the blog until Ashley and Trae were married so that I could keep my blog header with her in skates a secret until the wedding.  It’s been killing me!!  Now that they have officially tied the knot I can share 🙂 Ashley was amazing to work with and did I mention gorgeous?  I ADORE it when a client says, I trust you..do your thing.  Thank you Ashley!!! I wish you both many years of happiness and love 🙂

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